Payroll Management & Labour Compliance – Payroll Management is a system that takes care of the employee’s salary, allowances, deductions, gross and net pay, generation of pay-slips, manage employee’s details, assistance to employees in accessing PF, ESIC, etc., periodic submission of compliance documents etc. Our payroll outsourcing unit offers payroll processing to our clients through a customized and systematic way. To suit our Client’s specific needs the services of Payroll Management System is offered in following 3 variants:-

Third Party Payroll

Under Third Party Payroll, Vauras manages the payroll activities of the employee’s of the client’s under Vauras’s own payroll. Attendance calculation, Processing and payment of salary, Generation of Pay Slips, generation and payment of ESIC & PF, etc. is done by Vauras. In this system, the client is practically relived of the liability and workload of payroll.

Payroll Process Management (PPM)

Payroll Process Management is a process where Vauras takes care of the entire payroll activities of the employee’s while they remain under client’s payroll. The payroll activities include Attendance calculation, calculation & Deduction of salaries, Generation of ESIC & PF Challans, etc. PPM is practically a mirror copy of the same process, as TPP, but while the employee remain on client’s payroll.

Compliance Annual Contract (CAC)

Compliance Annual Contract is a service where Vauras manages the compliance activities of client’s. The activities include receiving of attendance from client’s, calculation & generation of EPFO, ESIC and P.Tax challans, periodic generation & filing of compliance, maintaining of data of the records, assist in transfer/claims, etc.

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